Working Hard v/s Working Smart

Is working hard better, or is it best to work smart? What if we told you it’s the balance of the two! Determine how to come to a consensus between hard work and smart work and of course know when to take a break!


When does hard work best?

If you need to work towards learning and mastering something from the fundamentals, then hard work is important. Additionally, if you aren’t working against the clock, divide your time and effort into chalking out an efficient game plan and how to execute it with precision. Focus on having a strong foundation in order to work seamlessly in the future.


When does smart work come into play?

If you are on a tight deadline and have to tick off multiple checkboxes, whatever approach you take, always keep in mind the end result. The main aim isn’t to get the quantum of work done but to focus on delivering quality work within the designated time.


When do you combine both?

Often, when you’ll be asked to get a job done quickly and to perfection. The key here is to delegate work according to one’s capacity and cohesively complete the task. This way you get the job done quickly and by reviewing the assigned work according to your likes, you get it done to perfection.


There is no single answer to how to work best. Considering the subjective nature of work habits and techniques, it is important to know your goal and to devise your strategy accordingly.