The Art of Prioritizing 

How many times in a week do you say, “So much to do, so little time.”?

A huge pile of tasks can feel overwhelming, and we often waste more time wondering what to start with and what to do next. And being part of the PR industry means even a second cannot be wasted. So, here are some ways you can prioritize better. 

1. Don’t be listless

The first step is to always organize yourself by creating a to-do list. Note down all that you have to achieve for the day or week in a list, never mind the chronological order. A list can help keep you on track and act as a reminder of all pending and completed work.


2. Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize

Dwight Eisenhower’s strategy to being productive is one of the best ways to prioritizing your day. This is a four-quadrant box that determines whether your task is urgent, important, both or neither, depending on which quadrant it falls into. Accordingly, you can prioritize your list.


Urgent and important: Immediate tasks

Important, but not urgent: Tasks to be given a definite time but not immediately

Urgent, but not important: Tasks to be delegated

Neither urgent nor important: Currently irrelevant tasks


3. Tech = Easier life

With a lot on your plate, using technology can help you finish the task quicker. There are multiple softwares and apps available to make life easier and simpler. Cirrus Insights, Meltwater, Canva and Biteable are some apps that can help you work when on the go. Be it making presentations, videos, tracking media coverage etc.


4. Keep it real

The most important rule about prioritizing is being realistic about timelines. Avoid biting off more than you can chew so as to prevent your health from deteriorating, and you will achieve peak efficiency.

Master the art of prioritizing but also remain flexible and open to schedule changes and interruptions. Sometimes you need to improvise to prioritize.