The Art Of Managing Appraisals

For managers and HR departments, appraisals is a yearlong process that requires a certain amount of attention in order to ensure fair feedback sessions.

Here are a few tips and tricks to boost your skills in managing appraisals on the regular.

Proof of achievement

Ensure that employees have evidence that supports their claims when discussing appraisals. The aim here is to identify how much of a team player the individual is and how capable he/she is of handling projects alone.

What does the market say?

Negotiate an employee’s increment basis salary norms and market conditions in their area of expertise, thus making it a balance between the individual’s and market value.

After The Appraisal Talk

Following up on dissatisfied employees after the appraisal talk is critical. Discuss the reasons they feel unsatisfied, the framework they were appraised on and areas in which they underperformed. Resolve any issues they may have about systems being unfair towards them.

Master the art of managing appraisals through continuous feedback and follow-up sessions all through the year to boost your employees’ capabilities and performance.