Is Medium the New LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn was launched in 2002 and Medium in 2012. In spite of a decade long gap in existence, Medium has gained far more popularity in a very short span of time.


According to research, Medium is the 4th most popular in India, in the Blog category that helps generate new social media followers, organically.


Here’s how Medium is different from LinkedIn:


  • A platform for business professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders.

  • Speaks about current trends.

  • Demands original content for publishing.

  • Recommends social media connections based on existing ones.

  • Gives only the number of views and the reach.


  • A platform for storytellers from all walks of life.

  • Speaks about the story that led to the trend.

  • Content can be imported and republished.

  • Automatically lets you socially connect to people via Facebook & Twitter accounts.

  • Gives a detailed engagement metrics and drives mileage for the content.

Is Medium the new LinkedIn?  MAYBE

Can the same content be published across both platforms?  YES


But is it wise to have repetitive content published across two platforms, when you have the option of customized platforms to be a dual author - Elaborate as well as precise?

Pick your platform wisely and garner maximum traction.