The Art of Effective Storytelling

Digital storytelling has featured on the list of top three trends of the Global Communications Report (2017), released by University of Southern California’s Center for Public Relations.


Did You Know?

A research by the Stanford Graduate School of Business has established that stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts or figures. Stories also increase our neural activity by 5 times.


Why Are We Telling You This?

In the domain of media, storytelling is all about building an experience.


Here are three simple tips to craft an effective story that follows the classic three C’s:


1. CONNECT | Evoke an emotion

Lay down plain facts that can be substantiated on demand. Set context, build a rapport and engage with them along the journey.


2. COMMUNICATE | Accountability with transparency

Let content be clear – No justifications, assumptions or modifications. Outline the bigger picture and let the readers decide what works best for them.


3. CHANNEL| Influence with relevance

Leave no ambiguity. A story that makes the reader introspect / contemplate, builds intrigue. Encourage them towards self-research.


Digital storytelling differs from the age-old traditional way with one clear distinction. Here, the average attention span of a reader is approximately eight seconds (As stated by Microsoft).


To create engagement as well as leave an impact, a story must always anticipate every possible question that can arise in the mind of the reader. Answers and solutions are the key to keeping them coming back for more.