Creative Techniques to Help you do Better at Work

We all strive to do better at work. Sometimes we mislead ourselves into thinking that this means working longer hours with no breaks. But doing better at work doesn’t always have to be about work! Want to do better and be more creative at work? Here are some ways to start improving:

1. Take a creative break

Taking a creative break stimulates the activities in brain. Practice an instrument or do an impromptu photo session at work where you can take artistic portraits of your colleagues.

2. Keep an idea journal

Whether you love a notepad app or a pen and a white pad, when an idea strikes record it immediately when the idea is still fresh.

3. Bring to life

When an inspiration ascends, pause your conversations and start building on it. When people or colleagues can see the picture behind the idea, they are more likely to take it seriously. A simple or bad drawing is better than no drawing.

4. Restrict yourself

This may sound weird but restricting yourself from certain things can help you soar. Don’t allow yourself to Google anything for a day, or essentially break out of your comfort zone!

5. Rest your mind

This is entirely different from a creative break. Do something that gives you mental rest and ultimately revitalises you. Often, not thinking gets you thinking better!

6. Talk to someone

Unable to think of innovative ideas? Indulge into to a conversation with someone. A fresh perspective will generate new ideas and give insight into something you are stuck with.

7. Ask this “What would my hero do?”

This usually happens when you’re facing a creative block. Keep a list on your desk from your preferred creative forces and ask yourself what they might have done to solve it. This trick may sound insignificant, but it helps you perceive the world in a different way.

Doing things differently and innovatively is imperative to good work. Change your outlook, seek new insight, and get out of your

comfort zone!