The Art of Building an Online following

The online domain serves as the loudspeaker of today, and announcements are no longer confined to town squares, but reach people on a global level. A prodigious social media following is what helps a business flourish, and in a pursuit to have a mass online following, you need to stand out. You need to ensure you have people to hear you.

How to generate online following?

The ideal way to build a strong social media following is through sharing. This will subsequently increase your network or connections. But how will you achieve it? Here are few of the ways:

Regularize it:

Posting regularly is crucial to acquiring and ensuring your presence. Scattered and infrequent posts result in a slower influx of followers and can lead to you losing existing followers. Therefore, be consistent to maintain and subsequently increase your followers.


Gain the spotlight by blogging:

Blogging shows you the way to spread out your content, thoughts or insights to the masses on a global platform. Start from your website and become a contributor on other platforms. This pushes your name and various social accounts on the forefront of other online websites.


Make it ubiquitous:

Ensure your social media “follow” buttons are everywhere. From your blog to every page of your website, make them ubiquitously available. This allows people to hit the “follow” button conveniently.


List it:

Make an email list and send out periodic articles or newsletters. Do remember to keep these relevant though, because irrelevance will only disengage people.


Hashtag it:

Since hashtags are trending, use relevant ones wherever possible. This helps people find content related to their interests and results in a constant influx of followers.


Keep it shareable:

When your content is easily shareable, you will find that through your existing followers, a lot of new like-minded people will take notice of your online presence.


Consider the platform:

Different platforms have different unwritten rules. You could tweet 2-3 times in a day and be heard, but if you posted 3-4 Facebook or LinkedIn updates in a day, it would be seen as pure bombardment, resulting in you losing existing followers, and repelling potential ones. 


Aim at building a quality following organically and consistently respect your followers’ interests. This will ensure that you attract more followers at regular intervals, and will help you retain them!