Tips to Break Through a Writer’s Block

A creative block is a universal phenomenon for writers. Every writer goes through it at some point in their career. There are, however, some ways to break through to the other side. Here are some treatments for Writer’s Block Syndrome.

1. Get out there

Literally! Get some exercise; breathe in some fresh air on a walk, increase your heartbeats with some swimming or intense workout, stretch your muscles doing some yoga and listen to nature while meditating. The first manifestation of writer’s block is to feel frustrated, and exercise is a great way to let go of that. With a change in scene or environment, clearing one’s head becomes easier.


2. Find some novelty

You’re probably feeling stuck in a rut, so do something new for yourself. You could switch from the laptop to pen and paper or buy yourself new, colourful stationary to write with. The smallest of changes can make a difference! Observing people and nature can be very impactful in finding your source of inspiration to write again.


3. Read something new

Many of us confine ourselves to reading articles and blogs about topics that we are comfortable with. Break out. Read on astrophysics, or philosophy, or even law and finance. It’s all about stimulating the brain! Who knew that Big Bang Theory would be so entertaining when it’s all about a bunch of scientists and engineers!


4. Try free writing

Find a writing prompt – an emotion, a line from a book or an article, or even a made-up situation. Set a timer for 15-30 minutes. Start writing. Do not reread or edit until the timer rings. Just keep writing till your time is up. This is called free-writing, and there are tons of internet resources to help you with it!


5. Lateral thinking helps

Taking an indirect approach to thinking about the issue can sometimes give you new insights and a fresh thought. The process makes you more innovative and creative by boosting your problem-solving skills. Furthermore, you learn of many new nuances and perspectives that can be a plot for your new story.


Writing is an art, and art is subjective, nuanced and very complex. While there is no formula to conquer a writer’s block, there are small ways to gradually break out of it!